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Full Grain Leather
Close your eyes for a minute and imagine a cow being killed. Now imagine it being skinned. Okay, now imagine that thick hide is sent to the tannery to be tanned, but it’s too thick for most to use, so they split it in half, the top half from the bottom. Now the tannery has two hides to sell to leather backpack makers. The top half is sold for a lot of money because it still has the top layer on it which is made up of what is called the “grain”. They are the toughest, densest, and most water-resistant fibers of the whole hide. The same fibers that protected the cow its whole life and that give leather its bare-knuckle tough reputation are the same fibers that we use on each of our leather backpacks. It’s called FULL GRAIN leather because it still has the FULL amount of GRAIN on it. Not only is it strong, but the thickness of our leather is a little thicker than boot leather. And then our thick wristed, calloused-handed craftsmen make really durable and long-lasting leather backpacks with it.