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Women’s Leather Bomber Jackets for sale. Originally designed for primarily functional purposes for military pilots in the early 19th century, the world has seen various iterations of the bomber jackets. From the American military version ma-1 bomber jacket to the jock culture symbol varsity jackets in bomber-style to G-3 bomber jackets, there are numerous bomber jacket types known to this date. The bomber jacket was later reinterpreted and restyled by fashion houses for women too. Since then women’s bomber jacket is a beloved style of the fashion-forward lot that’s showing no sign of slowing down.

While cotton, nylon, and many other fabrics are used to create bomber jacket women’s outerwear pieces, leather is a top choice for bomber jackets for women owing to its luxurious feel and durability. Leather bomber jackets for women are also definitely not a new addition to the realm of leather jackets for women. You will see women express their styles, creativity, and moods through unique, striking women’s bomber jackets. Not to forget the flight and aviator jackets women love to hoard into their shopping bags. Sister to the bomber jacket for women they share the same general silhouette, iconic design, and worldwide fame.