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Bomber Leather Jacket for sale. The bomber jacket is a timeless piece that can never go out of style. However, the newer versions come with a slim-down look and multiple color options. The trend is getting upgraded every year, and this time, we’ve noticed so many different styles of bomber jackets brought in the market. Your best option would be to go for a tailored fit that is neither too tight nor loose. Secondly, if you’re going to wear it with a heavy sweater, make sure you size up. In the case of leather bomber jacket men styles, you don’t have to size down for a snug fit. Leather jackets with stretchable waist and cuffs are called bomber jackets. The original style was first introduced during the early 1900s, known as flight jackets. War fighters during World War I and II used to wear these jackets to protect themselves. War is over but the fashion stayed.